Finding a Place to Stay in Sydney

Finding a place to stay in Sydney isn’t the problem–just the opposite!

Accommodations are abundant; there’s a place for every taste and type of traveller, varying widely in cost and quality—hotels, motels, serviced apartments or a Sydney furnished property with , backpacker hostels, caravan parks, and campsites.

furnished living room of Sydney apartment.

Apartment accommodation in Sydney for short and long term rentals.

How do you choose? Consider why you’re heading to Sydney in the first place.

A friend’s daughter hit the backpacker hostel circuit. She’d spent 24 years in the same US city, so she was eager to experience another culture with people her own age. She needed a safe place to sleep and wasn’t so concerned about luxury or privacy, but did care about stretching her dollars. At her age, the world’s a beach and new friends and a fresh adventure every morning, and Sydney offers heaps of each.

She stays at one hostel for a few days, several weeks, or sometimes a month, then moves on to try another one. There’s always a café and public transportation close by. The 4-month plan morphed into a one-year plan; “homestays” across Australia may be the next step.

On our first trip, a friend and I had four days to see as much of the iconic Sydney as possible. This meant staying close in the CBD. We found a no-frills, clean motel a 20-minute walk away from Circular Quay, the Rocks, and Opera House. No car meant public transportation had to be accessible—no worries. We had our choice of ferries, buses, and taxis.

The accommodation suited our goal perfectly, and we left Sydney with heaps of photos and beat feet after all the trekking. Perhaps when I come with my husband, we’ll spend less time on the streets and instead splurge on a hotel room with luxury linens and a harbour view.

Let’s say I returned to Sydney with family in tow. I’d probably select a serviced apartment or furnished rental close to Darling Harbour, in order to cook meals and save money for tourist attractions.

Or, if we had a couple of weeks and our own transportation, we’d stay at a caravan park on the fringes of Sydney. The cost is reasonable, there’s space for children to roam, and, we could gather around the barbie after exploring all day. If we were short on cash and particularly ambitious, we could camp instead and enjoy the same facilities.

Want to skip the migraine? Nail down the number one goal of your trip, determine your budget and comfort quotient, how much time you have, how important accessibility to public transport and internet connection is, then decide on the type of accommodation you need. Regardless, you’ll have plenty from which to choose.


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