Finding the Best Prices for Melbourne to Sydney Flights

Melbourne CBD at night along the Yarra River

Melbourne CBD at night along the Yarra River.

Melbourne to Sydney is a major flight route for travellers in Australia and is actually amongst the top five passenger air routes in the world. Locating the best deals and then booking your Melbourne to Sydney flights can be a cinch since there are so many others headed this direction and back all year long. You just need to decide when you need to go, what carrier you want to use, and how much you want to spend.


When do you want to go?

Flights to Sydney are scheduled seven days a week from around six in the morning until nearly midnight, and on some days they may even go past midnight. Whether you are running on a tight schedule or enjoying a more relaxed holiday, you are sure to find a flight that will meet your needs.


What carrier do you want to use?

Australia has many domestic carriers from which you may choose. Air Australia, JetStar, Qantas, Regional Express, Skywest Airlines, Tiger Airways, and Virgin Australia/Pacific Blue all have scheduled domestic flights into Sydney from Melbourne. Be flexible when shopping for your carrier. Some may have more affordable rates than others, while some may fit more comfortably into your schedule. Still others may allow you to take advantage of your frequent flyer miles or include hotel vouchers or other little luxuries, even on a flight as brief as that between Melbourne and Sydney.


How much do you want to spend?

The flight from Melbourne to Sydney is not far, and it is popular, two factors that often affect cost. You may be able to find one-way flights as cheap as AU$51 on Tiger Airways and as expensive as AU$120on Qantas. Round trip tickets can be more affordable, if you are planning on returning. These can range from AU$213 on Virgin Blue to $234 on Qantas.

Booking your flights ahead of time can help you save money, but in some cases, you can still get a great deal from numerous websites by booking your Melbourne-to-Sydney flights at the last minute.

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