When You Book Flights to Australia, Do Not Miss What May Be

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge which opened on 19th March, 1932

When you book flights to Australia, do not miss what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the Red Centre. The Red Centre, home to arid Alice Springs and breathtaking natural monoliths, is a harsh desert habitat with temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius in the summer and dropping below zero in the winter. Life is plentiful here in the Outback, though, with reptiles, birds, camels, wallabies, and dingoes dotting the landscape as frequently as the desert wildflowers and foliage.

Many tourists who flock to the red beating heart of Australia do so to visit Uluru, a place sacred to the Aboriginals and astounding to Westerners. Uluru is most stunning at daybreak and sundown, when the changing light deepens the colour of the sandstone from a rich ochre to a brilliant crimson. This majestic spot is the source of many Dreamtime myths and can be both an inspirational and educational part of your Australian holiday.

Another must-see in Australia’s Red Centre is Standley Chasm. As with so many other locations in Australia, the colours and textures complement one another to create something truly unimaginable. One must experience it to truly appreciate it. White ghost gums, cerulean skies, and crimson rocks run alongside the glittering quartzite of the cliffs themselves.

This rugged desert land has something to offer even the most intrepid adventurer, it’s true, but the small towns dotting the Outback can provide many of the same pampering delights found in Australia’s more cosmopolitan coastal cities. Visit the artists of Broken Hill or go wine-tasting in Mildura, Victoria, where you can choose from historic hotels, resorts, or cozy bed and breakfasts for your stay.

Because the country is so large and distances between Outback cities can be vast, finding affordable airfare is crucial. Visit online aggregators to compare airline prices, or contact the airlines directly to determine if you can score a better deal with personal contact. Finally, use all available resources, such as frequent flyer miles, to make sure you’ve got the best fares possible.

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