Where to find furnished corporate accommodation in Sydney?

furnished apartment living room in Sydney

Furnished corporate accommodation in Sydney can be found in many locations, including Redfern.

When you come to Sydney on business or corporate travel, you need a place to stay that is central to your work. It should be near public transportation or within walking distance of your workplace to limit your commute time and daily travel expenses, but it should also be comfortable. Don’t settle for a crowded hotel where frequent comings and goings can interrupt your rest and interfere with your work. Choose instead Furnished Properties Pty Ltd who are the specialists in furnished corporate accommodation in Sydney, where you can pick between serviced or self-catered apartments to better meet your needs.

A furnished apartment is often more affordable for business travellers than a hotel, and not only does it offer more privacy, it also provides the same amenities you want and need including wireless internet and plasma TVs with cable.

Of course, you’re here to work, but don’t forget the old saying about “All work and no play.” You’ll want to make some time to visit this world-class city and do some sightseeing when you can. Even though Sydney is known for its laid-back beachy atmosphere, we have plenty more to offer than just our world-renowned warm, sandy beaches that attract surfers, sun-seekers, and swimmers, although they are pretty note-worthy!

Sydney is also home to several zoos and the Sydney Aquarium, where you can walk through shark tunnels and see dugongs up close and personal. Visit one of Sydney’s lush gardens or parks, or take a walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens for a peaceful afternoon. For more adventure, climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge or go abseiling in the Blue Mountains.

Ready to soak up some culture? Take a tour of the iconic Sydney Opera House or try out one of the interactive exhibits at the Powerhouse Museum where science meets culture. Check out the Art Gallery of NSW, where you can explore collections of both Indigenous and modern Australian art. Celebrate your final nights here by having some drinks with friends at the bar near the top of the “Rusty Needle,” or Sydney Tower, where you’ll enjoy a panoramic view of the glittering city below.

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